Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Beds with Storage for my girls

My girls (ages 8 & 9) share a room.  A small room.  Several years ago, we built some bunk beds for them.  I didn't take long for Carley, the younger one, to get tired of sleeping on the top bunk.  And Mattie would never have slept up top.  The solution... we brought in a twin bed for Carley and the top bunk turned into a "play area".  It didn't take long for the "play area" to become a "junk pile".  The girls were in serious need of storage space and organization.

 Jason and I decided to dismantle the bunk beds and figure out something better for their room.  I searched and searched to find a design I liked for beds with storage.  I couldn't find anything that I felt would provide enough storage AND be suitable for them into young-adulthood.  Finally, it came to me.  Kitchen cabinets!  I knew I could find some for cheap at the Habitat ReStore.  And the height would be perfect for a bed platform.

This is how it all started!

Family pic after Phase One  (Mimi took the picture)
One week later, the girls are sleeping in their custom designed "Funtastic" beds!  Jason named them Funtastic because they have cool hiding places.  Behind the cabinets, they added framework to make it big enough for the mattress platforms.  This created a little corridor where the kids can crawl around.  Plus, we have the corner cabinet that is a small play area complete with Christmas lights.

In total, the beds themselves cost just under $100.  We got the cabinets for $60.  All of the wood for the frame was reused from their old bunk bed, as well as the platforms.  We used reclaimed cabinet doors for shelves, and the shutter doors were from the side of the road.  I bought new hardware for the drawers and doors.  And I bought the cute shelf paper for inside the cabinets.

Shutter doors that I picked up from the roadside!
Shelves made from salvaged cabinet doors
I ended up spending almost as much on the new bedding!  I could have done without that, but I just really really wanted cool new bedding for the cool new beds.  

My husband worked so very hard on this.  He was really skeptical at first, but he trusted my vision and went with it.  He loves me so!!  I also have to give a big shout out to my parents.  They came over for the weekend and helped with this major project.  My daddy is a great handy-man, and my mama took care of us all throughout the weekend by cooking and cleaning for us!  I can't imagine life without my wonderful parents!!